A retired Greek military commander on Wednesday referred to a “serious danger” of an incident due to recent provocative Turkish activity in the eastern Aegean, speaking on local Athens radio program.

The former chief of the Greek army, Christos Manolas, made the statement in the wake of a Turkish aeronautical exercise close to the Greek isle of Oinousses, as well as heightened violations of Greek airspace over the recent period.

“Turkey is a revisionist power; it is attempting to revise the Treaty of Lausanne. It believes it has the power and the means, and is constantly pressing the issue of control of the Aegean after 1974,” he said in statements to the radio station Realfm 97.8.

He added that beyond the qualitative change in the Turkish military presence near Oinousses, “they will not attempt something at this moment, they simply want to press the issue.”